Friday, December 25, 2015

Castor: Fluffy Bunny Casting and Raising Sub Money!!!!

Castor: Fluffy Bunny Casting and Raising Sub Money!!!

This Castor Fluffy Bunny is not only a cutey from New Zealand with an accent I find beautiful.  But she is definitely the funnest castor I have watched yet. Since I couldn't sleep last night since I was waiting for Santa to make his rounds to Calgary Canada. Many of us watched her Dota 2 skills while raising Funds to Dance. Check out the several hour casting video which I decided to send a Sub donation since I felt bad she didn't get anything for Christmas. Come watch some of the recorded games then have fun watching her live events.

[ENG] [25/31] MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ♥ | Follow @fluffiest_bunny for updates! ♥ STREAMING EVERY DAY IN DECEMBER! ♥


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