Sunday, September 4, 2016

PEDOPHILIA IS FINE? - The Sarah Nyberg Situation | Chris Ray Gun

PEDOPHILIA IS FINE? - The Sarah Nyberg Situation
Pedophilia is Pedophilia no matter if one is a woman on a teenage boy or younger, or a man on a teenage child or younger.  Now some people claim sex with a minor between 16 - 18 is not pedophilia.  Problem is, it is still classified as rape.  Statutory rape is still punishable by law.  But since it is consented, it carries a lesser charge than if someone rapes children and teens.  Lets be realistic.  We are not talking about an 18 year old and 17 year old girlfriend/boyfriend situation in high-school.  We are talking about people 25 to 35 sleeping with people 17 years of age and under. People 25 and over have more real world experience and know how to deal with life. Many people are getting on this subject as of late with claims that if women want to have equal rights, than women should be dealt no less accountable for actions when it comes to a 25 year old women sleeping and/or dating a minor between 16 - 18. What do you guys believe?


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